World Population- 10 Facts

World Population  10 Facts Increasing population is the biggest challenge facing the world today. The world population is so large that no one can control it. Man is the most dangerous creature to man. Population growth is the greatest threat to the survival of humanity on earth today. Here are 10 facts about the big issue of earth-   The Population Growth. The current growth rate of the world population is 1.1%. This is the smallest population growth rate in world history. But the world will be as good as it looks today, when it is still reduced to near zero. In Russia, population growth is declining. It is calculated that every day Russian population is decreasing by 2000. It is estimated that the population in

Himalayas-10 Facts

Himalayas-10 Facts The  Himalayas  form a large mountain range made up of many highlands and encircle the western and southern borders of the Tibetan Plateau.  India  has the most of the Himalayas. After the polar regions, the Himalayas have the most ice sheets in the world. Did you know that the melting of ice is not only in Antarctica but also the glaciers of the Himalayas? Here are 10 facts about the world's tallest Himalayas. The word Himalayas means 'the home of the snow'.  The Himalayas are covered with glaciers. Except for the polar regions, the Himalayas are the region which holds the largest glaciers in the world.  The Himalayas are divided into four groups based on geographical features. The Lower Himalaya, the Greater Himalaya, the Trans-Himalaya and the Shivalik Hills. Himalaya spreads over eight countries. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Tibet, Bhutan and China. Though the Himalayas are the highest peak in the world, it is very young. It is t

Nanotechnology- 10 Facts

10 Curious Facts about Nanotechnology   Nanotechnology- THE TECHNOLOGY OF FUTURE. The study and control of matters at nano level. Nanotechnology has made miraculous benefactions in many various fields which range from computer science to medical science. Here are 10 facts about the wonderful world of nanotechnology 1. Carbon Nanotubes carbon nanotube   Carbo nanotube was discovered by Sumio lijima in 1991. The carbon nanotube was a single atom thick sheet of graphite, turned into a tube with a diameter of one nanometer. For this discovery, he won Kavin prize in 2008. These tubes are used for cleaning polluted water and it can also expand solar energy storage . 2. Medieval wonder    Nanotechnology is a modern phenomenon. But even in medieval times, nanoscale materials have been found like gold and silver particles in the stainless glass windows of churches. 3. Prey!!   " Prey" is a novel by Michael Crichton, published in November 2002. The book highlights the new advances in s

5 most famous military inventions

5 most famous military inventions.    All of man's best inventions are related to the military. The horrific World War II had made a tremendous leap forward in human scientific research. Here are 5 of the most popular of these military inventions. 1. Sarin-warfare agent.   Sarin is the most harmful and poisonous warfare agent. It was developed by German Pesticide Researchers in 1938. In 1993, sarin was banned by UN Chemical Weapon Convention because it was very difficult and dangerous to deal with. Many people including researchers and German soldiers got injured by dealing with that.    But this poison was used by terrorists even after the banning. Terrorists used this at many attacks in many places. In 1995, attack by Japan terrorists cost 12 lives.  2. Super glue    Superglue was made during World War II. Later this one becomes world-famous discovery. It was developed by a scientist named Harry Coover in 1942. During the days of Vietnam war, it was used for attaching the wound

Telephone Discovery- Graham Bell??

Secret behind inventions part 4 Telephone discovery....Graham Bell? Graham Bell Have you ever heard these names;  Johann Philipp Reis, Antonio   Meucci, Innocenzo   Manzetti, Elisha Gray, Alexander Graham Bell.  Everyone knows only the last name. Graham Bell, the scientist who invented the telephone; huh? So the rest of these names? Have you ever heard or read these names?  Elisha Gray   The telephone patent is in the name of Graham bell. But over the years there have been many cases of this. Some claimed that they were the ones who invented the telephone before Graham bell. These are the names mentioned earlier. The argument of some of them has been rejected by all. The reason was that their invention could not be considered the true telephone. But that's not the case with two of them! Those two are Antonio Meucci and Elisha Gray. There is a lot of arguments that Antonio Meucci should be given the right to invent the telephone. Many argue that Graham bell earned

10 facts- Our Solar System

10 Curious facts -Our solar system Heat and light emanate from the core, the innermost part of the sun. Due to its distance, only about one percent of 200 billion of the sun's heat reaches Earth. Even when this heat increased to 20%, our earth could burn.  It would take thousands of years for the light from stars reach Earth. Because they are so high from the earth. That is, we see a very old form of stars today. Neptune is the fastest hurricane planet in the Solar System. Do you know the speed of that? Its around 1304 miles per hour. In moon we can jump six times higher than in our earth. This is because the moon has only one-sixth of Earth's gravitational pull. Our solar system has a volcano that is four times larger than Everest. It's called the Olympics Mons. It is on Mars. The Sun owns 99.88% of the Solar System's mass. So the sun can hold up to 1 million Earths inside. Jupiter is the fastest rotating planet in the So

Applications of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology - part 1 Applications of nanotechnology   Nanotechnology is a great new technology in which scientists rearranges atoms and molecules of matter to nano specifications. Tiny matters are referred to as nanoparticles. In modern times nanotechnology plays a significant role. It brought us a massive change in our science technologies.  Nanotechnology plays a major role in many fields which includes medicine, electronics, agriculture and engineering. Applications of Nanotechnology Medicine and nanotechnology   In medicine, many researchers are developing specially made nanoparticles in the size of molecules which can directly reach the diseased cell body and deliver the remedial drugs. Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology and related search.   Nanorobots are applied with medicines which is programmed for specific task. It is actually injected into a human body to work on cancer cells, viruses and such stuffs. Chemotherapy, pacemakers, biochips