COVID 19 is the first pandemic in this century. The last day of last year(2019 December 31 ) disease gets confirmed. It spreads all over the world like a fire in 2020. In march 11 2020, the World Health Organisation(WHO) declared it a pandemic. AIDS is the only other pandemic like corona present on earth.
     The coronavirus dawned in Wuhan the capital of Hubei city, China. The disease is named COVID 19 in February 2020. Before, it is called as Novel Coronavirus. When COVID 19 is declared as a pandemic in march 11, it gets spread over 125 counties already. Around 1.80 lakh peoples get affected and over 6000 died as well.
     There is a rumour that China tried to keep this new coronavirus as a secret at the beginning. It's because of the politics, economy and business of China. China agreed to this when a doctor named Le Wenliangh who worked in Wuhan Central Hospital released the information about coronavirus through social media.
      China reported the first affected person to WHO on December 31. They also agreed that it gets spread in November 2019 and affects over 500 peoples at that time.

Corona ever reported before 2019?
        Diseases which spreads through coronavirus are reported 2003, SARS originated in China and 2012, MERS originated in Saudi Arabia.SARS transmitted to humans through bats, civets and other such animals. MERS is from camels and bats. These two diseases spread over 27 countries. The new coronavirus is relatively similar to the SARS.

A type of influenza!

    COVID 19 is similar to common influenza. The main symptoms are fever, cough, and breathing problem. When disease get critical patients will feel pneumonia and leads to asthma. The family of coronavirus can survive in both humans and animals. COVID 19 is the newly discovered virus found in the family. As compared to SARS and MERS, COVID 19 spreads worldwide. The main challenge for the world is there is no medicines or vaccines for treatment. 

Was the virus confirmed early?
      The world believed that virus is discovered in the last of December 2019. Zheng Le a scientist in Wuhan Institute of Virology claimed a virus is discovered a few years earlier which is 96% similar to COVID 19. They studied over several coronaviruses from 2002. While examined bat faeces, they found a virus which is genetically similar to Wuhan virus.

Can spread like a fire.

The new coronavirus is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva discharge from the nose.
To protect yourself, clean your hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.

The motor city of China

Wuhan is known as the motor city of China. Wuhan is the main city for many businesses in China. The world-leading companies General Motors, Nissan, Honda, Porsche like car company's manufacturing units are situated here. Half of Honda products are developed in factories of Wuhan. The population of Wuhan is 1.10 crore which is situated in central China.
 A few years back, Wuhan leads in agriculture. For the development of central China, the mission "rise of central China" in 2004 a massive industrialisation occurred in Wuhan. Not only in cars, Wuhan also gets popular in other businesses also. Wuhan gets deposits from 80 countries all over the world. Wuhan raised around 6000 offices by the foreign partnership.
 China kept coronavirus as a secret for a month even many peoples from other parts of China and other countries came to Wuhan for several purposes. Many scientists state that the viruses get spread in several parts of the world at this time.

The Fishmarket of Wuhan.

A market where we can get even scorpions and alligator! It is the biggest market in Wuhan. Thousands of shops are here in this market. Even it is a fish market, they sell fleshes of birds and other animals also. Snakes, dogs, bats, foxes like 120 animals are available in this market.
 From this market journey of coronavirus begins. There are 27 peoples first get infected in Wuhan. 585 samples collected from here where 33 of them are infected. The market closed on January 1, 2020. China banned consuming and selling animals on February 20.

How long COVID 19 can live on common surfaces?



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