Divergent movie review

DIVERGENT movie review and explained.

Directed by Neil Burger

Based on   Divergent by 
                   Veronica Roth

Starring  Shailene Woodley
                Theo James
                Ashley Judd
                Jai Courtney
                Ray Stevenson
                Zoë Kravitz
                Miles Teller
                Tony Goldwyn
                Maggie Q
                 Kate Winslet

Release date  March 18, 2014

Country United States

Language English

Box office $288.9 million


        Divergent is an American science fiction action film directed by Neil Burger. The film is based on the novel "Divergent" by Veronica Roth. The film is the first part of 'The Divergent Series'. It was produced by Lucy Fisher.
       The film starring Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ashley Judd, Jai Courtney, Ray Stevenson, Zoë Kravitz, Miles Teller, Tony Goldwyn, Ansel Elgort, Maggie Q, and Kate Winslet. The story takes place in a mysterious and apocalyptic city, Chicago where people are divided into different factions according to their human qualities. The central character Beatrice Prior who warned that she is Divergent and thus will never fit into any factions. Then she knew that some evil plans are made in her peaceful society.   

       The movie begins by introducing a mysterious and futuristic city, named Chicago which is fully fenced by a wall. After a terrible war occurred all over the world that the rest of the world was destroyed. The founders of the city built the wall to keep the survivors safe and they divided them into five groups called factions. It is made for maintaining peace. 
        The once who value knowledge and logic are in the faction Erudite. Amity farm the land. They are all about kindness and harmony, always happy. Candor value honesty and order. They tell the truth, even when you wish they wouldn't. Dauntless are protectors, soldiers and police of that city. They are brave, fearless and free. The last faction is abnegation who lead a simple life, selfless, dedicated to helping others. They even feed the factionless once who don't fit in anywhere. Because they are public servants and trusted to run the government.
   The central character Beatrice Prior was born into abnegation. Her father, Andrew Prior, serves on the ruling council along with the head of Abnegation, Marcus Eaton. The children of age 16, a mandatory psychological aptitude test conducted which indicates their suitable faction, though they are allowed to choose any faction as their permanent group at the subsequent Choosing Ceremony.
Beatrice takes her test and the results show multiple factions. It meaning she is divergent which includes abnegation, erudite and dauntless. Tori who runs the test of Beatrice warns her to hide the result. Because divergents think independently and can't be affected by the activity of serum used by the government to control their conscious.
    At the choosing ceremony, Beatrice chooses Dauntless. Beatrice meets three others who choose dauntless also; Will, Al and Christina. The newly arrived dauntless members are immediately tested for commitment fearlessness. Eric Coulter is a tough and harsh dauntless trainer and leader reveal the new updated rule that anyone who not reaching the dauntless rank expectation will be expelled from the faction to become factionless. Four is another instructor and trainer who asked Beatrice her name and she decides to shorten it to "Tris". She shortened her name to leave past identity behind.
 Tris initially struggles in the dauntless training. With the help of Four Tris improved skills. Tris was in last of rank list. The rank list is the grading of dauntless initiates. Eric made a fight for Tris against her nemesis- Peter. Tris defeated and get injured. "Capture the flag" is an important test and tris knew it. Even she got injured, Tris leaves the bed and joins the initiates for the test. She made a major contribution to the victory for her team which including Four.
    A psychological simulation test is done in the next phase. The test is run by Four. Tris passes the test easily as an unusual way of dauntless consciousness. Four thus get a doubt that Tris a Divergent. After that Tris knew something about the erudite view over divergent from Tori. Erudites were eliminating all divergent because they can manipulate the serum used by them to control human conscious. The next day tris went see her brother Caleb who chooses Erudite to tell the truth about Erudite. But he refused. When she reached Dauntless, Al attacked her and suddenly appeared for her rescue. Al comes to tris to forgive, but she calls him a coward. Later He kills himself by jumping into "The Chasm" rather than live with the shame. 
         To prepare her for the final test, Four takes Tris into his fear simulations, where she knew that his real name is Tobias Eaton, the son of Marcus Eaton. After the simulation both fall in love. Tris then passes all her tests and initiated into Dauntless.
           Erudite injected a serum to all dauntless which is supposedly for tracking but is actually for mind control. The next day the dauntless attacked abnegation as per the orders of erudite. As a Divergent, Tris manipulates the serum injected in her. She finds Four who reveals him a divergent. They split from the unconscious dauntless team and tried to find Tris's parents. At that time, Eric finds Four is in conscious stage and took him his custody. Tris is ordered to be executed. But her mother Natalie appears and saves her but is shot and killed as they try to escape. 
          Tris finds her father hiding with Caleb. Then her father sacrifices his life in shootout and tris alone went to find Four. But Four is made unconscious by injecting a specialised serum for divergents. When Tris tried to save, Four attacked her. While fighting she tried to change his mind that she knew his fear inside. The two entered the control room where Erudite leader Jeanine is about to have the Dauntless army execute the entire Abnegation faction. Tris injected the mind-controlling serum into and force her to cancel the program. Later they escaped through a train out of the Erudite complex.


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