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Edison Did Not Discover The Light Bulb!


 The history was credited Thomas Alva Edison for the discovery of light bulb. But did you know about two scientists before Edison who achieved their success?
   This correction in history has two parts. Joseph Swan is the hero of the first part. In 1879, Edison's bulb got released. Before this, in 1878 Joseph Swan already introduced his bulb. Its exhibition also was done by him in 1879 January.

Joseph Swan

 Swan obtained a patent from Britain for his discovery. At the same time, Edison also got patent in America. Edison also raised arguments and advertisements on his invention to prove himself as the first man behind the light bulb.
   His advertising trick succeeds. World credited Edison for the discovery of bulb. Thus the name Swan got vanished.
  There is also another story of a man related to bulb who failed before the tricks of Edison. His name is Hiram Maxim.

Hiram Maxim

 Hiram Maxim is also an American citizen. In 1870, he also competes with Edison for the invention of the light bulb.
  However, Edison knew all the laws behind the patent achievement, because he already made success on several other experiments. He took patents for every experimental development done under his group. Hiram Maxim couldn't stand against in front of Edison's tricks and updations.

Hiram Maxim And Light bulb
  Hiram developed an arc light consisting of two carbon diodes. When electricity passing through between diodes there will be continuous sparking occurs which leads to light. This experiment was exhibited in America in 1877 by Hiram. Also, Edison was there in between the audience.
  In 1878, Newyork Electric Company gave the responsibility of bulb construction to Hiram. He made bulb with a carbon filament in the same year. It was made by filling petroleum vapour which could ignite for a long time. This bulb was a distinctive experiment of Hiram. He requested for getting patent for the bulb in 1878 October 4.
  After this, everything got changed. William Edward Soer, a previous employee who dismissed in the same company where our Hiram worked.
  He raised a petition against Hiram's patent request. He stated that the carbon filaments are made by himself a few years back and it's not Hiaram's invention. The administrators who received the petition changed the patent to Soer.
  Soer also announced that the petroleum vapour in the bulb is too dangerous and these bulbs are not able for marketing. This created doubts in the officials of Newyork Electrical Compay.
  At that time Edison arrived against Soer. Edison gave petition against the patent provided to Soer. The officials banned Soer's patent by investigations and provided it to Edison.
  There was a rule in America: the banned patents were made as public property. Thus Maxim's invention didn't reach himself. It was made America's experiment. Some believed that Edison's petition over Soer was a planned action against Hiram to suppress him.
  Edison continuously released advertisements and announcements about his invention skills and updations. At last, Maxim and Edison exhibited their bulb in the same stage. The news media were only concentrated on Edison's bulb. He wrote his name on every bulb made by him and his crew. Thus he conquered the world of bulbs. History made Edison a legend. And forget the name, Hiram Maxim!


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