Tesla Vs Marconi- radio invention

Secret behind inventions part 1

Radio is not discovered by Marconi!


Who is Marconi? Everyone will answer that "the man who behind the discovery of radio". Is it true? The answer is "no".
Radio is not discovered by Marconi. Before Marconi, many scientists tried to figure the radio. But they couldn't get the proper one. When Marconi entered the field, he combined all the theories discovered early by those scientists beautifully. Even though he was later known as the brain behind the radio in the world. 

James Clarke

A British scientist, James Clarke who discovered electromagnetic waves figured the basics of radio. He stated radio wave is an electromagnetic wave.
Between 1885-1886, Heinrich Hertz, a German scientist who studied the theories of James Clarke practically proved it. There were many scientists; Nikola Tesla, Edouard Branly, Oliver Lodge, Jagadish Chandra Bose and more entered in the field of radio experiment. Edouard Branly discovered diode which is the main part of the radio. Later Marconi, Alexander Popov, Julio Baviera made contributions. 

Marconi is the first person who made Radio Communication through radio waves. He achieved patent for the development of wireless telegraphy. Then he started two companies: British Wireless Service and Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company. He earned a lot of money from these companies.
Actually, for the invention of the radio, we should have to first remember the name, Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla and radio.

Nikola Tesla born in Croatia in 1884 and then migrated to America. In 1892, he had already formulated the theory of radio. Communication through radio all over the world was the main aim of Tesla. He could move forward his radio experiments successfully.
Marconi developed radio through radio waves in 1897 based on the theory of Nikola Tesla which was already figured in 1892. By this theory, Marconi developed wireless telegraphy and achieved patent for it. For the invention of the radio, even the Nobel prize was reached to Marconi. Tesla didn't have any business mind. So he lived half of his life in poverty.
Later there was an argument that "Marconi is not the father of radio, it was Nicola" got inflamed up. American Supreme Court also agreed to this argument in 1943. Supreme Court banned all the other patents and gave it to Tesla. But Nikola Tesla passed away eight months before the Supreme Court updates in 1943!
        Even though we should have to admit and respect the contribution of Marconi as well. His wireless telegraphy made a revolution in all time history. He could bring the radio technology all over the world.
In truth, Marconi's achievements were built based on the solid formulation of theories done by Nikola Tesla.


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