5 most famous military inventions

5 most famous military inventions. 

  All of man's best inventions are related to the military. The horrific World War II had made a tremendous leap forward in human scientific research. Here are 5 of the most popular of these military inventions.

1. Sarin-warfare agent.

  Sarin is the most harmful and poisonous warfare agent. It was developed by German Pesticide Researchers in 1938. In 1993, sarin was banned by UN Chemical Weapon Convention because it was very difficult and dangerous to deal with. Many people including researchers and German soldiers got injured by dealing with that. 
  But this poison was used by terrorists even after the banning. Terrorists used this at many attacks in many places. In 1995, attack by Japan terrorists cost 12 lives. 

2. Super glue

  Superglue was made during World War II. Later this one becomes world-famous discovery. It was developed by a scientist named Harry Coover in 1942. During the days of Vietnam war, it was used for attaching the wounds occurred in injured soldiers. After war, super glue got a great demand in marketing throughout the world.

3. Land Mines 

  Land mines are bombs placed on the ground to destroy the enemy during wartime. A land mine is an explosive agent hidden under or on the ground and outlined to kill or disable enemy spots as they pass over or near it. But these devices are still out there underground even after the wartime. These bombs could blasts after many years and often taken the lives of innocent people. Later the Ottawa Treaty was established to prevent the construction and use of land mines for the security for humankind. 160 countries were signed in this.

4.  Mine detector

  Even after the war, the mines were constantly threatened. A mine detector is a tool that has found a solution to this. It was invented during World War II. Kosacki, a Polish soldier, built the mini-detector for the British army. This instrument was later used by many countries for homeland security.
  Kosacki did not buy the patent for this invention, but instead he gave it as a gift for Britain.

5. Dynamite

  The Dynamite was first used in a French-German war of 1870-71. Alfred Nobel,a Swedish discovered dynamite in 1867. This can cause a sudden blast against enemy soldiers and can also to stop their marching for the attack. Nitroglycerine is the chemical substance present in dynamite makes it explode. Alfred Nobel named dynamite for it after the Greek word 'dynamice'. Dynamice means energy.


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