10 facts- Our Solar System

10 Curious facts -Our solar system

  • Heat and light emanate from the core, the innermost part of the sun. Due to its distance, only about one percent of 200 billion of the sun's heat reaches Earth. Even when this heat increased to 20%, our earth could burn. 

  • It would take thousands of years for the light from stars reach Earth. Because they are so high from the earth. That is, we see a very old form of stars today.

  • Neptune is the fastest hurricane planet in the Solar System. Do you know the speed of that? Its around 1304 miles per hour.

  • In moon we can jump six times higher than in our earth. This is because the moon has only one-sixth of Earth's gravitational pull.

  • Our solar system has a volcano that is four times larger than Everest. It's called the Olympics Mons. It is on Mars.

  • The Sun owns 99.88% of the Solar System's mass. So the sun can hold up to 1 million Earths inside.

  • Jupiter is the fastest rotating planet in the Solar System. It takes only 9 hours and 55 minutes for one complete rotation.

  • If we put Saturn on water, it will not sink. This is because Saturn is 30 % less denser than water.

  • In every one second, sun burns 45 lakh tons of matters. Another earth can be made with this energy that the sun burns in 4.2 billion years.

  • The size of the Pluto is only half of  United States of America.


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