5 interesting facts about Mars

Mars- 5 Curious Facts.

 Mars is the closest planet to our earth. It is the planet currently undergoing many types of research by NASA, ISRO and other research organisations. Here are 5 interesting facts about the planet Mars.

1.Blue sunset

blue sunset in mars

  At sunset, the atmosphere of the earth is usually red. But on Mars, it turns blue. The thin dust of the atmosphere near the sky makes the blue rays in the sunlight more prominent. It is for this reason that the red planet is made blue during sunset.

2.Red planet

  Although the sunset is blue, it is known as the Red Planet of the Solar System. The reddish colour is due to the presence of ferric oxide in the soil of Mars.

3.Hot and Cold

  Suppose you get a chance to land on the equator of Mars. Then the bottom of your foot will be hotter than the normal daylight of the warmer months on earth. Meanwhile, the tremendous cold on the top regions. This is due to the size of Mars and the amount of sunlight it receives at each location.

4.A jump on the Mars

  Mars has only one-third of the earth's gravitational force. If we were to jump from Mars, it would be twice as tall as jumping from Earth.

5.Huge canyon

Valles Marineris

   Mars is home to the largest canyon named Valles Marineris in the Solar System. Do you know how long? More than 2485.48 miles! This is the distance from California to New York. It is 9 times larger than the Grand Canyon, the largest canyon on Earth.


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