Applications of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology-part 1
Applications of nanotechnology

  Nanotechnology is a great new technology in which scientists rearranges atoms and molecules of matter to nano specifications. Tiny matters are referred to as nanoparticles. In modern times nanotechnology plays a significant role. It brought us a massive change in our science technologies.

 Nanotechnology plays a major role in many fields which includes medicine, electronics, agriculture and engineering.

Applications of Nanotechnology

Medicine and nanotechnology

  In medicine, many researchers are developing specially made nanoparticles in the size of molecules which can directly reach the diseased cell body and deliver the remedial drugs. Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology and related search.
  Nanorobots are applied with medicines which is programmed for specific task. It is actually injected into a human body to work on cancer cells, viruses and such stuffs. Chemotherapy, pacemakers, biochips, needleless injectors, insulin pumps, medical flow sensors etc are the latest and ongoing nanomedicine applications.

Electronics and nanotechnology

  Nanoelectronics is an exciting branch in nanotechnology. It influences very much in our daily life. The term nanoelectronics shows the connection between nanotechnology and electeric components.
  The efficiency of electronics can be increased through nanotechnology even without reduce any weight and power consumption. Nanocomputers replaced conventional computers with high processors. Nanocomputers with nanoprocessors have high performance and speed. Solar cells, television, LEDs and computers also be devices with nanoelectronics.


  Nanobiotechnology deals with biological research with different fields of nanotechnology such as nanodevices, nanoparticles, or nanoscale phenomina. The application of nanotools to medical and biological problems is the main objective of this technology. Genetics and computer science also have a role to play in nanobiotechnology. Imaging and X ray diffraction based tools and self assembly tools are the experimental tools used in nanobiotechnology.

Green nanotechnology

  It is the study of  how nanotechnology can benefit the environment. Such as less energy consumption during manufacturing processes, recycling and using eco-friendly materials. It is based on the principle of green chemistry and green engineering.
  Green nanotechnology today provides filtration techniques to purify dirt water to clean water for billions of people. It also helps in waste management by using renewable energy. This technology contributes many nanomaterials and products for eliminating polluntant substances. The main goals of green nanotechnolgy is to produce nanomaterials and products without harming the environment or human health and to provide solutions to environmental problems.

Applications of Nanotechnology


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