Himalayas-10 Facts

Himalayas-10 Facts

The Himalayas form a large mountain range made up of many highlands and encircle the western and southern borders of the Tibetan Plateau. India has the most of the Himalayas.

After the polar regions, the Himalayas have the most ice sheets in the world. Did you know that the melting of ice is not only in Antarctica but also the glaciers of the Himalayas? Here are 10 facts about the world's tallest Himalayas.

  • The word Himalayas means 'the home of the snow'. 
  • The Himalayas are covered with glaciers. Except for the polar regions, the Himalayas are the region which holds the largest glaciers in the world. 
  • The Himalayas are divided into four groups based on geographical features. The Lower Himalaya, the Greater Himalaya, the Trans-Himalaya and the Shivalik Hills.
  • Himalaya spreads over eight countries. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Tibet, Bhutan and China.
  • Though the Himalayas are the highest peak in the world, it is very young. It is thought that the geological activity that caused it originated some six billion years ago.
  • The Himalayas have about 1,500 ice caps. All of this will hold 12,000 kilometres of cube water. There are many rivers originated in the Himalayas. Also, there are a large number of ice lakes are located here.
  • The Himalayas was a favourite place of hunters until India became independent. King George had killed many tigers in hunting during 1938-1940. The king of Nepal has also killed animals. In 1998, there were only remained 150 tigers and less than 250 rhinos.
  • Tectonic actions of Indian templates and Euro-Asian templates are taking place very slowly. The Indian plate is moving at 67mm. For that reason, researchers say the Himalayas increase its height 5 mm every year.
  • When Indian and Euro-Asian templates got collided, the Tethyan sea which lies between them disappeared. The bottom of the sea became the Himalayas. Many researchers proved this argument by showing the sea basses and shells and fossils of many sea animals found near the Himalayas. The presence of the sea is thought to be the cause of the saltwater found in the Himalayas.
  • For the Indians, the Himalayas are not just mountains. It is considered a god named Himavan. Himalaya is the boundary of the earth. The Himalayas plays a massive role in Indian Puranas and Legendry contributions.


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