Nanotechnology- 10 Facts

10 Curious Facts about Nanotechnology

  Nanotechnology- THE TECHNOLOGY OF FUTURE. The study and control of matters at nano level.
Nanotechnology has made miraculous benefactions in many various fields which range from computer science to medical science. Here are 10 facts about the wonderful world of nanotechnology

1. Carbon Nanotubes

carbon nanotube

  Carbo nanotube was discovered by Sumio lijima in 1991. The carbon nanotube was a single atom thick sheet of graphite, turned into a tube with a diameter of one nanometer. For this discovery, he won Kavin prize in 2008. These tubes are used for cleaning polluted water and it can also expand solar energy storage.

2. Medieval wonder

  Nanotechnology is a modern phenomenon. But even in medieval times, nanoscale materials have been found like gold and silver particles in the stainless glass windows of churches.

3. Prey!!

  "Prey" is a novel by Michael Crichton, published in November 2002. The book highlights the new advances in science, such as artificial life and genetic algorithms. The novel features an artificial mass of nanorobots which develop intelligence and threaten their human inventors. This book created a quiet sensation.

4. Smallest Computer Circuit

   Nanotechnology processes are the main building blocks for transistors and microprocessors. These are led by IBM. The world's smallest logic circuit uses carbon nanotubes was built by IBM in 2001. IBM continued the work and showed that nanotubes could scale up as building blocks for future electronics.

5. History of Nanaoparticles

  Human have been producing nanoparticles in early times. These nanoparticles are carbon-based. The smoke and soot from the campfires of ancestors contained nanoparticles. These particles are today known as fullerenes and carbon nanotubes.

6. Role in Cosmetic Industry

  Nanotechnology has a major role in cosmetics industry. Sunscreen that uses zinc oxide nanoparticles to prevent ultraviolet rays while lessening the white coating on the skin.  
  L' Oreal is a company uses nanotechnogy to transport ingredients such as pure Vitamin E through the skin.

7. Fingernail

  Did you know.... your fingernail grows at the rate of one nanometer per second. This is about 1/25000 diameter of a human hair.

8. Gold at Nanoscale

  Gold at the nanoscale has different property from the gold that is normal.
The colour is the main difference. Because nano gold particles are not yellow which we are familiar with. It appears red or purple in colour.

9. Nanosponges

  Recently scientists are trying to developing a type of sponge at nano level. It can absorb toxins and remove them from the bloodstream. It would be a revolutionary nanoparticle in medicine field.

10. Spider silk

  Spider silk is super strong and stretchable. It is tougher than bone and steel! Spider silk is five times stronger than steel with same diameter. Scientists are today using these synthetic spider silk in many areas including medical field.


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