Telephone Discovery- Graham Bell??

Secret behind inventions part 4

Telephone discovery....Graham Bell?

Graham Bell

Have you ever heard these names; 
Johann Philipp Reis, Antonio Meucci, Innocenzo Manzetti, Elisha Gray, Alexander Graham Bell. Everyone knows only the last name. Graham Bell, the scientist who invented the telephone; huh? So the rest of these names? Have you ever heard or read these names? 

Elisha Gray

  The telephone patent is in the name of Graham bell. But over the years there have been many cases of this. Some claimed that they were the ones who invented the telephone before Graham bell. These are the names mentioned earlier. The argument of some of them has been rejected by all. The reason was that their invention could not be considered the true telephone. But that's not the case with two of them! Those two are Antonio Meucci and Elisha Gray. There is a lot of arguments that Antonio Meucci should be given the right to invent the telephone. Many argue that Graham bell earned a patent for stealing the principles of Elisha Gray.

 In 1876 Graham bell received a telephone patent for the Bill. But as early as 1856, Meucci had invented some kind of the telephone. This device, called a talking telegraph, was considered by many to be the first telephone. But he can't get a patent because he doesn't have the money to apply for a patent. Soon after, Graham bell received the patent.
  Another opponent of Graham Bell was Elisha Gray, an American. As an electrical engineer, he has patented more than 70 inventions. But he is best known for his telephone which didn't get patent.
  Some argue that Elisha Gray should have patented the invention of the telephone. Their main accusation was... 'Graham Bell stole Gray's ideas!'
  The truth is, one thing is for sure. Others have worked hard like Graham Bill to make the telephone a reality!


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