World Population- 10 Facts

World Population 10 Facts

Increasing population is the biggest challenge facing the world today. The world population is so large that no one can control it. Man is the most dangerous creature to man. Population growth is the greatest threat to the survival of humanity on earth today. Here are 10 facts about the big issue of earth-  

The Population Growth.

  • The current growth rate of the world population is 1.1%. This is the smallest population growth rate in world history. But the world will be as good as it looks today, when it is still reduced to near zero.

  • In Russia, population growth is declining. It is calculated that every day Russian population is decreasing by 2000.

  • It is estimated that the population in India is increasing by 49000 every day. In China it is 24000.

  • It is estimated that India had a population of about 10 crore in the BC third century. 10 crore also in the 16th century. That is, until the 19th century, the population remained fairly stable in India.

  • Understanding the lessons of cleanliness is also a cause for increasing population. Being able to process contaminants and keep water clean without causing infectious diseases has saved man from many disorders. This also cause an increase in population explotion.

  • There are two words that have been related to Population: Push Factor and Pull Factor. Sometimes people evacuate in crowded places. The reasons for this are known as the push factor. These include unemployment, economic backwardness, war and aggression. Several factors that motivate people to stay in some places. They are called push factors. These include economic development and employment opportunities.

  • How many people have ever lived on earth? Scientists answer about 100 billion to 11,500 crore. Today's total population is just about 6.4% of that above calculation.

  • What is the world's growing population in a year? 86 crores! There are only such number of people in Germany.

  • The country with the highest rate of population growth is Lebanon. As of 2014, its population growth is 9.37%. The country that lags behind in this regard is Syria. The population is down to 9.73%.

  • If you put the entire population of the world in a single line, one fifth of them will be Chinese and one sixth will be Indian!



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